About WIN-S

WIN-S is a network of women and women’s organizations.  We had our beginnings in a workshop about leadership for rural and urban women organized in Davidson in 2009.

Women at that time stressed the need for sharing information about what our organizations were doing. Events across the province. Our hopes and dreams.

We wanted to link together to know what our common concerns were and how we might work together on those goals that we shared in common.

We recognize and celebrate the diversity that occurs among women in this province.

We want to communicate with others. We have a list-serve to e-mail information to women and others interested in women’s issues. Women who receive this information can connect to others via telephone and person-to-person discussion.

We would like to see more events that connect women. Some of this may be through new technologies. But we also know it is very important for women to get together in person, face to face. We hope to partner with other organizations to find the resources and link to other women to achieve these goals.

Membership in WIN-S will help support these communication activities. Organizations will be able to have their activities listed on this website and sent out throughout the province.

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