“Regina Woman UN Delegate”

An article about Amber Fletcher’s recent trip to the UN !


Regina woman UN delegate

By Emma Graney, Leader-Post March 10, 2012

Amber Fletcher’s research with rural Saskatchewan women has made it to the international stage.

The University of Regina PhD candidate has spent the past two weeks in New York, as one of four Canadian women chosen as delegates to the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women.

“It’s been really exciting, really informative, and incredibly enlightening for sure,” Fletcher said from New York on her last day in the city.

“I did not expect my research would take me here, but I’m very glad it did.”

The commission is working toward a set of agreed conclusions, which the 45 member countries will adapt to help inform policy in their own nations.

During the first week of the commission, Fletcher’s time was spent at roundtable discussions with nongovernment organizations (NGOs) from across the world.

“What’s exciting is the people I do research with on a micro-level, I can take the things they’ve said to me, their concerns, and present them on an international level,” she said.

“It’s also been a really great opportunity for me to meet other people in similar areas of research … and I’m hoping I can use those connections for international collaboration projects.”

The second week of the commission focused on negotiating the conclusions and saw Fletcher address the UN assembly.

“That was a high point for me,” she said.

“I had the opportunity to talk about gender policy and technology … and explain to the UN what the situation is like in Saskatchewan and Canada.”

Fletcher’s research focuses on rural women, but it was her work with NGOs – particularly as chair of the Women’s Information Network of Saskatchewan – which resulted in her seat at the commission.

“The great thing about the commission is that the conclusions are what we can use as a basis for claims for rights and claims for equality,” Fletcher said.

“It’s exciting, because as a sociological research, the point is to create positive change – not just collect information for fun. I’m hoping this is one of the ways I can help create that change.”


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