Vision & Goals

Women’s information network of saskatchewan


Our Vision

Saskatchewan rural and urban women working collaboratively in a society where civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights are fully understood and realized.

Our Mission

WIN-S will initiate progressive communication and support towards positive advancement and change for both rural and urban Saskatchewan women.

Our Values

WIN-S values inclusivity, equality, collaboration, and diversity amongst all women, promoting nondiscrimination and acceptance on all grounds of identity (race, socioeconomic background, differing mental and physical ability, sexuality, age, place of residence, or other categories of difference). We value a neutral environment and “sacred ground” where all members’ values are respectfully heard.

Our goals

To create and maintain a mechanism for information sharing and education by Saskatchewan women, and for Saskatchewan women.

To promote communication toward positive change and equality for Saskatchewan women, both rural and urban.

To work proactively with individuals and groups to raise awareness and promote leadership on issues affecting Saskatchewan women.

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