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What is WIN-S?

The Women’s Information Network of Saskatchewan (WIN-S) is a new women’s organization aimed at creating a provincial network of women and women’s groups.  Our mandate is to encourage communication toward the goals of positive social change and women’s equality. In particular, WIN-S promotes information sharing between rural and urban women.

Who can join WIN-S?

Full membership in WIN-S is open to women, whether as individuals or groups, who support our mandate. The mandate can be found at

Men, men’s groups, government representatives, or businesses who support our mandate are welcome to join WIN-S as associate members.

What are the benefits of membership in WIN-S?

  •  Quickly spread the news about your organization and promote your events across a province-wide network…all by sending only one email!
  •  Receive newsletters and electronic updates about important issues for Saskatchewan women, rural and urban.
  •  Connect with other equality-minded women and women’s groups, and to work together for progressive social change.
  •  Learn about women’s organizing and leadership, and build leadership skills.

Individual/Organization Name

Address ____________________________________________


Postal Code __________________________________________

Telephone ___________________________________________

Email _______________________________________________

ANNUAL MEMBERSHIP FEES (please check one):     

_____  NEW MEMBERSHIP          _____  RENEWAL

  • Individual (Low income), $5  
  • Individual (Full), $20
  • Individual (Associate), $20
  • Organization/group, $50

If you would like to contribute more, please do. If you cannot contribute, your membership is important to us. The membership form can be sent in without the fee payment and membership will be granted upon approval of the board or membership committee.

Donation (optional): ______________________


2042 Garnet Street
Regina, Saskatchewan
S4T 2Z6

Download a PDF version of the WIN-S Membership form

WIN-S Membership Form Dec 2011

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