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DirectWest webinars on social media

Check out these past webinars from DirectWest at http://www.directwest.com/tools-and-tips/webinars/past-webinars

Thursday, March 15th, 2012 at 9:00am CST

 Boost Your Company’s Social Media Potential

Kathryn Slater founded and headed up the interactive division at DSA Media. Kathryn enjoys presenting, and her gregarious nature has led her to several teaching engagements. She has experience planning for both large and small accounts. Since entering the field, Kathryn has been dedicated to transparency and honesty in advertising. She believes that the best campaigns are the ones where clients, publishers and agencies work together for the best customer experience rather than the best “campaign” experience.

 “Top 10 Best Practices for Social Media”

“Do’s & Dont’s: Risk Assessment”

 Putting the Power of Social Media to Work for Your Business

Brendan King is the co-founder and CEO of VendAsta Technologies Inc in Saskatoon. VendAsta builds software platforms for media and advertising companies to help local businesses prosper in a rapidly changing digital world. Brendan is an active speaker on the topics of Social, Local and Mobile Media, Online Reputation Management, and how they impact small and medium businesses.

 Thursday, January 27th, 2011 at 9:00am CST.

 Working with, Marketing for and Selling to Generation Y

Generation Y is taking the workplace and the marketplace by storm. Successfully working with, marketing for and selling to Generation Y requires an understanding of their unique values, perspectives, motivators, goals and expectations. Cam Marston, founder and president of Generational Insights, has completed a decade’s worth of extensive research on the subject and will share a multitude of generational insights, concrete examples and specific approaches to help businesses develop strong relationships with Gen Y employees and customers in order to increase productivity, sales and profit.